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  • 02 Settembre 2016 arenzanomessinamilanrome

    From trial to drug. The Famiglie SMA Onlus’ National Conference in Rome

    It's the first time in the SMA's history we have the discussion about drug to give early children with SMA. The Famiglie SMA Onlus' National Conference From… Leggi di più

  • 01 Settembre 2016

    Neurodegenerative rare diseases and possible treatments with NEMO Rome

    Mario Sabatelli, Clinical Director of NEMO Rome, and Amelia Conte, Neurologist at NEMO Rome, tell about News pathogenetics hipotesis and Clinical needs at… Leggi di più

  • 17 Agosto 2016

    115 millions dollars for research on ALS thanks to Ice Bucket Challenge

    The important scientific review Nature Genetics ( published the last scientific discovery by two Italian Center: Dino Ferrari (Milan University) and Centro Auxologico… Leggi di più