Arenzano - Clinical service

Care pathways

Neuromuscular diseases require a highly and multifunctional intervention in rehabilitation, training and support. In Arenzano NEMO Center, several disciplines collaborate in safeguarding patients’ autonomy, maintaining social involvement, and contrasting disease progression.

Patients hosted in our Center usually expect to receive a specific pharmacological treatment. The approach of the NEMO Centers and also that of the NEMO Center in Arenzano is that of basing care as part of a patient-centered approach, including involvement in clinical research trials with a tight patient-clinician interaction.

Care protocols for patients with neuromuscular disorders are based on disease-specific national and international guidelines (PDTA, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Assistance Plans.

Inpatient clinic

Our brand-new partnership model between Serena Foundation and the Local Health Service  (ASL 3) in Genoa offers a highly specialized landmark in health services. The coordination with local services allows a multidisciplinary approach right from the disease onset.

The duration of hospital stay depends on the clinical picture and is based on the patients’ needs. Psychological support is always offered and in general the rehabilitation program includes motor, respiratory, occupational and speech therapists, and nutritionist support. Augmentative and alternative communication strategies are also available for patients as needed.  

Multidisciplinary services

The intensive rehabilitation unit at La Colletta Hospital in Arenzano is a multifunctional department for patients with neuromuscular diseases.

The mission is to provide qualified assistance in respect of patients’ needs, safeguarding humanity as a fundamental value. Our goal is to promote trust, serenity, and self-confidence for a better quality of life.

“Omni-service” is our founding model, whose cornerstones are:
A multidisciplinary and “point-of-care” approach: patients have access to clinical treatments without the need of any transfer;
Full integration among clinical procedures: the Center provides customized care programs;
Age-specific care programs;
Global and customized care;
Flow of information and future perspectives about health care, in order to overcome role and competence-related restrictions.

Our health care team has assisted patients with neuromuscular diseases and their families through the years, with the aim of embracing people’s needs in a multi disciplinary background. Partnerships and collaborations among La Colletta Hospital in Arenzano, Neurology Department at S. Martino Hospital in Genoa and local services have been activated through the years.

Sure enough, neuromuscular and especially ALS complexity need continuing assistance right from the Clinical Center to local health services. This synergy promotes homogeneity in diagnostic and assistance procedures, supporting cost analysis and health care programs and plans.

Connections with patients associations and especially with ALS associations (e.g. AISLA above all) play a crucial role in the care process: especially the collaboration with AISLA headquarters in Genoa and Savona allows prompt assistance for patients with social-health disadvantages. Specific training is also offered to health professionals and relatives living with patients with ALS and other neuromuscular disorders.