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How to reach us

Arenzano NEMO Center is an intensive rehabilitation unit in La Colletta Hospital for patients with ALS and neuro muscular diseases.
Patient admission and the ward are on the 3rd floor, while the gym is on the 5th floor.

Arenzano is located 30 km from Genoa, and 30 km from Savona. It takes 2 minutes to reach the hospital from the A10 highway way-out. The railway station is “Arenzano”.

Working hours and contacts

Servizi Lunedì Martedì Mercoledì Giovedì Venerdì Sabato Telefono
Reception 8.00 - 17.00 8.00 - 17.00 8.00 - 17.00 8.00 - 17.00 8.00 - 17.00 +39 010 8498050

The structure

The Center has 12 in-patients. Assistance is guaranteed thanks to our multi disciplinary team made up of a lung specialist, two physiatrists, seven nurses, two physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, and six healthcare workers, with the following activities:

In-patient care, rehabilitation, and psychological support;

Focused counseling;

Genetic diagnosis and counseling, in collaboration with San Martino University in Genoa (neurology unit)

National window for the access to local health services;

Help desk for information about neuromuscular diseases;

Specific trainings;

Counseling on devices and orthesis

Our in-patient clinic offers services such as:

Rehabilitation programs;

Short rehabilitation programs to assess and define specific treatments;

Intensive rehabilitation programs;

Charter of services

Dear Sir/Madam, our service charter is actually intended to inform about the main services of NEMO Center for people with neuromuscular diseases. Our physicians, nurses, and administration office will be pleased to answer any additional questions. We are also pleased to receive any suggestions in order to improve our services and to better address your requests.

Alberto Fontana
President of Fondazione Serena Onlus

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